What Does a Sh’mitah Year Look Like?

Anafi’ms ideas range from “The community garden is overgrown with wild plants going crazy because there is no one to tend it, because it’s שְׁמִיטָה (Sh’mitah)” to “Poor people don’t have to work as hard to get food now…it’s more peaceful [the streets] because people aren’t asking for food.” 

      By the end of the week, we’ll have fully built Model Magic scenes of “frolicking” in each others’ gardens, because everything that grows is הפקר (hefker – ownerless), cooking all the yummy food we’ve stored from previous years, and contemplating what our community might need from us during this year of rest.

What a rich and pleasant שְׁמִיטָה (Sh’mitah) year Anafim has imagined together!

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