Final Thoughts on Sh’mitah

Nitzanim wrapped up our שמיטה (Sh’mitah—release) theme yesterday and today. Children were urged to consider the many pieces we touched on during שמיטה (Sh’mitah—release) including farming (perennials, annuals, nutrients), rest (for the land and our bodies), and הפקר (hefker—ownerlessness) Here are some of their responses to the question, “how could שמיטה (sh’mitah—release) be good for our community?”:

First Grader 1: …if the land is open to anyone the people that are poor can come get the food.

Second Grader 1: if your servants are hungry they can pick some crops, but you also don’t have to work during שמיטה (sh’mitah—release)—you can rest.

First Grader 2: Isn’t  שמיטה (sh’mitah—release) just a year of sharing? Sharing…because if you had everything then someone would have nothing.

First Grader 3: And we get more rest and that means that after school time then we behave better because we got more rest.

Meanwhile… Nitzanimers are loving working with Model Magic in yetzirah on their  שמיטה (sh’mitah—release) scenes. We can’t wait to show them off! Here’s a sneak peak…17780321942_bf61d7f3f9_z 17838201972_aec9504b2e_k 17841508931_d27698ab86_z 17779957762_6d1090b257_z 17596394829_9b910337fd_z 17594852348_e2630714cb_z 17595421780_c06c6a1845_z 17595463010_78f2072820_z 17756633236_b81668acda_z

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