Nitzanim Creates with Tiny Materials

Last week Nitzanim designed scenes with tiny natural materials like corks, paperclips, raffia, lentils and much more!IMG_1931

Children responded to our הפקר (hefker) source text from ויקרא (Vayikra—Leviticus) 25:6-7:

But whatever the land grows during the Shabbat year is for you, to eat – for you, and for your servant and for your maidservant, and for your hired worker and the visitor who lives with you, and for your cattle, and for the animals  that are in your land – all the things the land grows, are to eat.

Here are some of their creations and explanations:

A first grader described her scene as, “I remember what the Torah said. It said whatever the land grows is for you, your servant, your maidservant, your hired worker. And then the cattle because I think it’s an animal.” 


A second grader said, “I made an עץ (etz-tree) with תפוחים (tapuchim-apples) on it since they’re perennials and this is a man and there are תפוחים (tapuchim-apples) that fell off the tree and he’s picking up all the תפוחים (tapuchim-apples) so he can eat them.” 


Another second grader said, “So this is the market with the sign that says, “For Free” and this is an עץ (etz-tree) and this is a cabin.” 


We will continue creating with our tiny materials as we delve deeper into הפקר (hefker). 

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