Real-Life Sh’mitah

What’s it like to work on a real-life Jewish farm, here in the US, that is following Sh’mitah?

Anafim can tell you!

On יום שני (yom sheini – Monday) Anafim Skyped with Matt, a farmer and educator and Leichtag Ranch in California.

17192473168_7a869a61ae_kAnafim asked questions about what the farm grows, what it FEEL like to be at the farm during sh’mitah, what they actually DO during the year of release, the bees, the landscaping (do they plant taller trees in the back?).

We heard about the food forest they’re growing, how their cover crop–what they’ve planted to help replenish the soil in the year of release–has inadvertently attracted migratory birds, and how they still grow food above ground because, technically, that’s not working the soil. 17172808237_a4ba84a46c_k

We learned about how BUSY sh’mitah year can be–thinking about how they can work better in future years, harvesting the perennial crops they grow, hosting visitors, and giving their food to local food banks.

Farmer Matt definitely changed our ideas about what a year long rest could be. He also tempted us to hop on a plane to come and explore the farm in person!

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