Seeing our Growth

Today, I had the following conversation at the end of the day with one Anafimer (3rd-4th grader).

She’s one of our two Anafimers who, back in November, decided they wanted to learn to chant Torah.

I said, “wow, you guys worked SUPER hard today–you each learned a whole pasuk (sentence) AND we did a bunch of review”.

She, in turn, responded: “I mean, it was a really easy pasuk (sentence) though.”

A really easy pasuk! Just being able to say that sentence, I told her, means that both of you are comfortable enough with reading Hebrew AND with the trope, that there even exist “really easy” p’sukim (sentences). 6 months ago, I said, you wouldn’t have known a thing about “easy p’sukim” and today you’re saying you didn’t work that hard?!

Clearly, their efforts all year have paid off! 

singing all the trope we know together

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