Finishing our farming books

In order to gain a further understanding to explore our theme of Sh’mitah, many of our children including Shorashim (nursery), Shteelim (Kindergarten), and Nitzanim (1st and 2nd) started a yetzirah (art-creativity) project last week that has to do with the process of farming.  We used collage to create individual books to show a simple four-step process to grow your food.  Our four steps were preparing the land, planting the seeds, watering, and harvest or gathering.  Each book has a page to show each step that includes a collaged picture, a small photo, and the Hebrew word that corresponds with that step.  On the cover, we used the text from Shemot (Exodus) about the six years leading up to Sh’mitah.  The English translation is:  “And for six years, put seeds into your land, and gather up the things that come out of it.”

Here are some samples from what the children created.  Enjoy!


1. Preparing the land


2. Planting seeds


3. Water


4. Gather


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