Exploring the Parts of our Guf In Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about exploring our guf. The children explored their faces and bodies with mirrors, with art, and in stories and songs.


Children and parents worked together to trace their bodies–some children were anxious about this at first, and others couldn’t wait to be traced.

Then, children were invited to make the guf they traced look like them– we painted and drew and explored the different parts of our bodies.


As the children worked and played, parents and teachers engaged in conversation with the children, saying the name in Hebrew for the parts they were drawing or tracing or painting.


We explored our guf in other ways as well.



There were photos of oznayim and etzbaot hiding underneath cornmeal in the sensory table, where children could search and bury and explore. There were photos other children to examine and draw on and consider. And we did so many things with our own bodies! We sang and danced together, and found wonder in all the things our own bodies can do.

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