Making farming books for Sh’mitah

It’s the first week of our new theme.  Understanding how farming works is one of the essential steps of learning about and exploring the concept of Sh’mitah.  So, many of our children including all of Shorashim, Shteelim and Nitzanim started a yetzirah project this week that has to do with the farming process.   We broke down the process of creating a farm into four simple steps: preparing the land, sowing the seeds, watering or irrigation, and harvest or gathering.  Children started making accordion books (books made out of a long folded piece of poster board).  Each page of the book shows one step of the process, going in chronological order.

To make each page, we used a new process that we haven’t explored yet this year at the Jewish Enrichment Center.  The books are made with collage of construction and tissue paper on black poster board, making the colors really pop.  Each page will also have the process word written in Hebrew with a shiny paint marker!  Stay tuned to see how the finished books turn out.


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