Shorashim makes Seder plates

This week before Pesach (Passover), Shorashim finished making their very own Seder plates to take home!  We started out with blank white plates.  In Yetzirah, Morah Miriam used contact paper to block off circles to leave white spaces for all the items that go on the Seder plate.  Then Shorashim used special paint used for glass and ceramics to decorate their plate with plenty of Tsevah (color).  We asked Shorashim to use tsva’im (colors) that reminded them of springtime.  Over spring break, we let the plates dry.  When we came back Shorashim finished them by writing all the names of the different Seder plate items in Ivrit (Hebrew) with paint markers.  They also wrote Pesach (Passover) in the middle.  Finally, we baked the plates in the oven in order to set the paint and ensure that the plates were food-safe and ready to use!  We hope you enjoy these beautiful creations.  And if you are a parent of a Shorashimer and will be attending a Seder this year, we encourage you to bring your child’s along!




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