Learning מה נשתנה (Ma Nishtana) in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim, we have been focused on continuing to learn the names of Seder plate items through משחקים (Mischakim-games), יצירה (Yetzirah-art/creativity), and in our environment. Setting the table for a פסח (Pesach-passover) Seder complete with four cups of grape juice for each person has been a huge favorite for children. To continue this exploration and see what one of these foods look like, we made Charoset together and got to have some with מצה (Matzah) for כיבוד (Kibud-snack). There were many comments from children about how sweet it tasted! I also hid an Afikomen in Beit Shorashim this week that children went on an exciting search to try and find.

A four year old opens the Afikomen that he found hidden in Beit Shorashim!

The excitement of פסח (Pesach-passover) coming up has led to a few children deciding that they are ready to learn the מה נשתנה (Ma Nishtana-four questions) to sing at their own Seder. A station in our small library has been set up with an iPad and headphones to listen and self learn the Hebrew. Check out this video of a three year old learning and singing the מה נשתנה (Ma Nishtana-four questions). I hope everyone has a wonderful break and I look forward to continuing this wonderful exploration in preparation for Passover with children when we return!




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