Nitzanim Celebrates Pesach in India

Nitzanimers are learning a little bit about the way that Jewish people living in Cochin, India celebrate פסח (Pesach—Passover). We are spending the rest of this week creating a בית (bayit—house) in India and filling it with all of the things we might need for a seder so that we can celebrate after spring break. We’ve had so much teamwork and creativity while we work together on this project.

First we built the structure for our בית (bayit—house) out of PVC pipes and worked as a team to figure out what size pipes we needed:

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Then we got to work.

A first grader made a kiddish cup.


Two second graders hung signs while another second grader set the table with his seder plate.


And here we are in our בית (bayit—house) after a successful first day.


Today, Nitzanim continued to make our בית (bayit—house) in India a home.

One first grader made walls out of fabric.


A second grader made a matzah cover.


A first grader set the שולחן (shulchan–table) with a table cloth.


And these three first graders went on a hunt for the אפיקומן (afikomen) that a second grader hid.


We’re looking forward to hosting a seder in our בית (bayit—house) after spring break!

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