Purim is Live!

During כיבוד (Kibud-snack) this week, we read a brief version of the Purim story in Beit Shorashim. Even though this wasn’t the main focus of our Purim exploration together, it lead to so much excitement surrounding the holiday for children. We started booing together when we heard Haman’s name in the story and as we were reading the story, a question came up for one child asking “why didn’t Esther tell King Achasverosh she was Jewish?” We had a few different ideas about this but many children agreed with one child that “maybe Achashverosh didn’t like Jewish people so she was hiding it.”

In addition to hearing our Purim story, we made puppets of the characters, did Purim word searches, made מסכות (Masequot- masks), and רעשנים (Ra’ashanim-groggers). With our continued focus on the Four Mitzvot of Purim, we also spent a large part of this week learning about משלוח מנות (Mishloach Manot- sending gifts) and סעודה (Seudah-the festive meal). Our kitchen was filled with Hamantaschen and other yummy treats and children were filled with joy and many smiles as they made a Purim meal for each other and invited everyone over for a “Purim party.” We also baked Hamantaschen and in addition to getting to eat them together, we shared them with others and passed them out to friends and community members around the building making sure to say חג פורים שמחים (Chag Purim Sameach – happy Purim) as we walked around.

A four year old makes a mask for Purim.

A four year old makes a mask for Purim.

Two four year olds make a Purim meal and then "call" all of us to come join the party.

Two four year olds make a Purim meal and then call all of us to come join the party and eat Hamantaschen.

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