New Faces in Beit Anafim

Anafim has had a flurry of new people to hear from and interact with in Beit Anafrim (3rd and 4th grade). In the past two weeks, we’ve had a guest Chevruta (study partner), a visitor sharing about her Passover Seders, and we’ve finally met our pen pals in Charlottesville, VA. (null)


This week, our guest shared a haggadah that she made created to meet the needs of all the different guests at her seder table–young and old, Jewish and non-Jewish, and people from all over the world. She showed off a book off the Four Questions in languages from around the world and we attempted to read in French and Spanish!


Our Chevruta guest, seeing the children’s interest in what the Sisterhood actually is–beyond the Mahjongg game they see on Tuesdays– came back a few days later to share a full picture of what it means to participate in the Sisterhood. Anafim listened and asked some helpful follow-ups, like “How old is the Sisterhood?” and “How long have YOU been involved?” They definitely have a much better understanding of one way that grown-ups can stay involved in being Jewish as they grow up!

We’re so lucky to have a big community to learn from and learn with!

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