The Burning Bush!

This week in yetzirah (art/creativity), Shorashim (N3-N4) and Shteelim (K) children finished their second paper mache creation from the story of Shemot (Exodus).  Children came into our yetzirah space right after hearing about this part of Shemot so they had the burning bush on their minds!  When asked what kinds of objects they could create from the story, this was their first response!  The base of this one was made with cardboard, tape, and cut up paper plates.  Then we spent two weeks layering newspaper on top using the paper mache paste.  Finally, with much patience, it was dry and sturdy enough to add tsevah (צבע – color)!  Children mixed up a yellow and red to use to show the flames.  We had a lot of fun painting it, as you can see.  Now Shorashim and Shteelim have a new object to use in their building area to create different parts of the Shemot (Exodus) story.15823054223_58b14536d5_b 16442181512_461499dff9_o 16442181662_8e3f4782c0_b

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