Creating Mitzrayim with Paper Mache

In these first weeks of our Haggadah theme, Shorashim and Kindergarteners are getting inside of the Yetziat Mitzarayim (Exodus from Egypt) story.  One way they are doing this is through recreating different pieces of the story in yetzirah (art/creativity) with paper mache.  After they listen to a part of the story, they are asked what we would need to make in order to act out the what they’ve heard.  Some children chose to work on creating a basket for baby Moshe or Pharoah’s palace.  Others chose to make a small-scale landscape of Mitzarayim (Egypt)!  They included a pyramid or mountain as well as the Nile river.  First, children constructed the base with cardboard and tape, then we made many layers on top with paper mache using recycled newspaper and a paste made from flour and water.  Finally, it was ready to paint using tsva’im (colors) of the desert and a brilliant blue for the Nile.



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