Nitzanimers Wonder with Partners

We’re trying a new conversation pattern in Beit Nitzanim with great success on its first day! Today each Nitzanimer had a partner during כיבוד (kibud—snack). The מורות (morot—teachers) modeled taking turns and asking follow-up questions to a conversation partner. Each group of partners then warmed up by telling each other their favorite foods. Children practiced being the “talker” and the “listener.” Then they switched roles. When every partner set was finished sharing, the מורות (morot—teachers) read a new part of our story. Again, the מורות (morot—teachers) modeled the roles of “talker” and “listener,” but this time we told each other something we wondered about in the story. Each partner set then shared their wonderings with the whole group of children and מורות (morot—teachers) to gather new ideas. Our new pattern provoked such interesting wonderings and ideas through very respectful conversation!



One group wondered why God told משה (Moshe—Moses) to take off his sandals at the burning bush. Here are some of our ideas:

“There might be dirt on the sandals. Don’t want to get it on the holy ground”

“Maybe he’s standing on sand and usually take shoes off in sand”

We’re excited to see how our conversation pattern continues to elicit thoughtful wonderings and ideas!

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