Back to the basics in Chevrutah



Anafim have practiced a lot how to listen to each other, how to come up with their own ideas about a texts that we read, and how to respectfully disagree. With the start of our new theme, we’re honing these skills in the form of partnered learning. Working in Chevrutah Anafimers are partnering with one other person and with our text to do a close read and exchange of ideas.

As we closed our day, reflecting on things they were proud of, one 4th grader said “[I am proud of] How my my chevruta improved, from the last time we were paired together, which was a long time ago, barely answering questions, to REALLY answering questions.”



One moment I captured of this particular pair (pictured above) helping each other refine their ideas went like this:

4th grader: I was suprised that Pharoh was scared?

3rd grader: What do you mean by “scared”? Like, frightened running away and biting your fingernails or something else?

4th grader: Kind of frightened I think, because maybe he was afraid that the Israelites would take over.


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