Learning to See Haggadot

Today we started a new theme in Nitzanim called הגדה (Haggadah). Throughout this theme we are going to be exploring the first stories in the book of שמות (Shmot—Exodus). Over the next few weeks, children will begin to develop their big question about the text. They’ll then turn to rabbinic commentary to see if the rabbis asked their question. Just as your children will tell the story of שמות (Shmot—Exodus) through the lens of their big question, so too have artists designed illuminated הגדות (Haggadot) that reflect their big ideas about the story. As we begin to ask questions about the text in Beit Nitzanim, we’ll also examine illuminated הגדות (Haggadot), noticing the artists’ choices and thinking about what they might mean.

Today we examined this folio from nineteenth century France. 19small

Here are some of the things we noticed:

  • The ו (vav) is bigger than all of the other letters.
  • The הגדה (haggadah) has French, Ivrit, and pictures.
  • It looks like there is something in the water.

We’ll continue to develop a critical eye for these illuminated הגדות (haggadot) in the next few weeks. Feel free to ask your child what he or she notices!


Haggadah 1

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