Dec 07

Anafim Revisits the Three Chanukah Stories

Two years ago, our current Anafim group explored three different endings to the Chanukah story–one from 1 Maccabees, one for 2 Maccabees, and one from the Talmud. (Here is a blog post about what they did then!)

This year, Anafim is getting to know these same three sources much more intimately. They were ecstatic to find the same materials available they had 2 years ago again (plus an ipad and book creator), and to add a whole new layer nuance to the three stories they already know a little about.

Here are the pages of the stories they’ve created so far:

The first scene of 1 Maccabees

The first scene of 1 Maccabees

The first scene of 2nd Maccabees

The first scene of 2nd Maccabees


At this point, each Anafimer has only read one story, but as they share the stories they’ve read with each other next week they’ll find some big differences!

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