Gathering Conclusions about Hallel

Anafim, as you may remember, have been exploring Hallel as “Anthropologists”–asking how and why people want להלל (lehallel – to Hallel). Before Thanksgiving we took the afternoon to look through ALL our notes, remember EVERYTHING we’ve studied (the songs, the poems, the paintings, and the stories), and to come up with a conclusion.


Here is some of what they came up with:

As we explored different examples of hallel, we put our observations up on the wall. This is after about 2 and a half weeks exploring hallel.

“Mine was different emotions and feelings and one of my pieces of evidence was that in the 4th tune of psalm 150, some people think its happy and some people think its sad, and some people think its different memories.”


“I think it can be like, happiness and like sadness and like, strong feelings.”



Drawing the picture that reminded another child of “an exciting adventure.”

“I thought that hallel was a big burst of relief or an excited feeling. So one of my evidences was [one Anafimer] picture of the path and trees around it made it seem like an exciting adventure.”


“I thought Hallel means Peace. One of my evidence was…the [painting] with the sunset [painted by an Anafimer]. The other is that psalm 150, in english, is pretty peaceful.”


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