Dec 03

Exploring Chanukah in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim we began thinking about Chanukah. We started hearing the Chanukah story together and made a list of what we already know about Chanukah. Shorashim already has so many ideas about this holiday and we can’t wait to continue learning even more together over the next few weeks.

We started the week together by learning some symbols of Chanukah and played משחקים (mischakim-games) where we could think about what shapes these would look like with our גופים (gufimbodies). We also learned how to play סביבון (sevivondreidel) together and even made our own סביבונים (sevivonim-dreidels) that we could take home to hang up in our own houses during Chanukah.

A four year old makes her body look like a חנוכייה (chanukiyah-Chanukah menorah). 

Three and four year olds make the shape of Latkes with their bodies

Three and four year olds make the shape of Latkes with their bodies.


In יצירה (yetzirah-art/creativity) this week we got to make our own נרות (nerot-candles) that we will get to use as we continue exploring Chanukah together.


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