Chanukah is Coming to Beit Nitzanim

We’ve started to talk about Chanukah in Beit Nitzanim. Before we jump into the Chanukah stories, we spent some time today refreshing our Chanukah vocabulary בעברית (b’Ivrit—in Hebrew). We made some common symbols with our גופים (gufim—bodies).

A סביבון (sevivon—dreidel):


A חנוכייה (chanukiyah—Chanukah menorah):


A נר (ner—candle):


We also cracked codes and practiced our script with Chanukah vocabulary:


Some children even chose to spin the סביבון (sevivon—dreidel) and tally up the number of times it landed on a אות (ot—letter).


We are so excited to continue learning more about Chanukah.

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