Our own Hallel

Last Saturday night, Anafim got together for what some have been calling an “Anafim Reunion.”

After getting warmed up for learning through playing games, cooking dessert, and doing Havdallah (the ritual that closes Shabbat), we spent the night exploring when artists רוצים להלל (rotzim lehallel – want to hallel) through landscape art and poetry. Having these other communal experiences together really put us in the right mood to think deeply about what it means להלל (lehallel-to Hallel).

In exploring artists expressions of hallel, we began to access our own:

IMG_5712.JPG“The feeling is memories and happpy. Like, sometimes you’re remembering someone who died. Or sometimes youre like, “Oh, I did this with my grandfather!” and those are the happy feelings.”

Another said,

“I always have this feeling that I think the artist is feeling, that I’m just cooped up all day and then when you go outside it feels so good to just run around and be in the sunlight.”IMG_5711.JPG

Though we didn’t expect it, their artist inspired are deeply reflects their own ideas about Hallel, their personal work through another artist’s lens is opening up new ideas about Hallel.






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