“I Am Thankful”

This Wednesday, I was amazed with the wholly unique “I Am Thankful” poems Nitzanim kindergarteners composed and recorded. Among the many expressions of הַלֵל (hallel) we’ve explored in kindergarten, we haven’t done much verbal composition. Although it’s hard to compose when you’re just learning your letters and how to sound out words, fortunately, voice recordings can capture kindergarteners’ verbal expressions and unique ideas.

Each of the three kindergartners curled up in a corner of the ספרייה (sifriyah — library) with an iPad, and I provided the beginnings of each line of the poem for them to fill in with their own ending. For example, in the first: I gave the prompt “I am thankful for..,” Nitzanimers thought about what they wanted to say for a couple moments, practiced it if they wanted, and then pressed record.

With the poem exploration, we got to dwell on the aspect of gratitude within our current הַלֵל (hallel) theme. In some of our other explorations and conversations, I’ve seen kindergarteners latch onto the aspects of joy and relief contained in הַלֵל (hallel), and here we started to get in touch with thankfulness as another piece of it.

Below are the “Thankful” poems of three Nitzanim kindergarteners:






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