Tefilah (Prayer) Project

Last week in Yetzirah (art/creativity), we started a big project that will consist of painted signs to show tefilot (prayers) Jews sing around the world.  This is something that we will hang up at the Jewish Enrichment Center so that we can all see which tefilot come when as we sing them at our Shirah/Tefillah (Singing/Prayer).  Our project is in two parts: one set of signs to show tefilot from the morning service and one for the evening as well.  Last week, Nitzanim helped us gather ideas about which colors they thought we should use on either part.  Then we were ready to paint.  This week, Shorashim finished painting all the backgrounds for both the morning and evening tefilot.  Next, Nitzanim and Anafim will be working on the text (the titles of each prayer).  This project should be ready to hang in the coming weeks so look for them around our Shirah/Tefillah space!  Also, see if you can guess colors are for which time of day:



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