Creating Our Hallel Party

This week in Shorashim, we got to experience something completely new in our Hallel theme. To continue discovering what Hallel meant to us, we had a Psalm 150 Hallel party! We began our afternoon by baking Aleph Bet עוגיות (oogiot-cookies) to share and eat together. Some of us made the אותיות (otiot-letters) in our שם (shem-name) while others made the אותיות (otiot-letters) in הלל (hallel). After baking it was time for our הלל (hallel) dance party. We listened to different variations of Psalm 150 and thought about how this music made us feel. We even got to use dancing scarves to move with as we danced at our party. There were so many smiles in Beit Shorashim this week! As one child said “This is so much fun! We are all having so much fun at our הלל (hallel) dance party,” and another child said “my גוף (guf-body) just feels so happy right now.” Another Shorashimer agreed that “listening to הלל (hallel) songs make me feel so happy.”




In the video below, Shorashimers are dancing to the different tunes of Psalm 150 we listened to with their dancing scarves and celebrating the party that we created together.


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