How Awesome is JEC?

Inspired by reading letters from Anafim’s parents about how being Jewish influenced their daily lives, our conversation turned to one child who reflecting on her father’s experience at Hebrew School. She told us how, “like, it was just all about memorizing, and sitting in desks, in rows and stuff…like, if you wanted to learn what a שלחן (shulchan-table) was, the teacher would just point at the שלחן (shulchan-table) and says “שלחן” (shulchan-table) and everyone would repeat it!”


One third grader composing a letter back to her mom.

Fantasizing about what they imagine the mythical past Hebrew School to be, one said, “and then the Jewish Enrichment Center started and everything got brighter.”

Another child,judging by the nods of the first, correctly interpreted: “Yeah, like before the walls had nothing on them!”

“And, like, here, we get really into Hallel for like 6 weeks, and everything we do is all about Hallel!”

If only my pencil could move as quickly as their excited conversation, comparing the richness of our environment and the depth of our explorations to how they imagine their parents’ Hebrew School experiences to be–sitting in rows, in undecorated classrooms, and memorizing  words (according to their description).


Our first quoted speaker and our last, writing in their יומנים (yomanim-journals)


What a gift to hear about the impact of 4 years at the Jewish Enrichment Center, and why it’s unique, from the mouths of 4th graders!

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