Havdalah Explorations

This Sunday in Shalom Chaverim was all about exploring havdalah with all of our senses (but especially smell!)


The children were free to explore a variety of images of different havdalah sets together, and to draw on them, add to them, and embellish them using markets. As we draw and examine the images, we are building an understanding of the objects that are important for havdalah. There were also real objects to see and feel and smell– and even some pretend ones in our dramatic play areas, for children to manipulate on there own.

We listened to a story together, about the “sweet spice of Shabbat–” and then we set out to see if we could create that sweet spice ourselves…





By making our own cinnamon rolls, of course! We worked together to mix and measure the ingredients. As we worked, we talked about the smell we noticed– and wondered together whether it might be the sweet spice we read about.


There was even a chance for us to create our own spices (in a bag!) to take home with us to experience on Shabbat.

We examined all the spices to determine which ones smelled the best– and which will make our Shabbat the sweetest.

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