Warming Up With Color

This week, in Yetzirah (art/creativity, we started a new project that everyone at the Jewish Enrichment Center will work on.  We are making two big, hanging signs to show all the names of the tefilot (prayers) that we sing at the JEC.  We will have one banner to show the tefilot that jews sing in the morning and another one for tefilot at night or evening.  These banners will consist of painted canvas squares, hung from a braided chain.  In addition to braiding the chain, this week Nitzanim was working on thinking about color.  We needed some help deciding which colors to paint on the background of morning tefilot and which colors for evening.

We set out some color samples on a big table.  Next to the table, we had one basket that said “morning” and another that said “evening.”  Nitzanim was asked to put each color in a basket they thought it belonged in more.  Before they started, we talked about pesukei d’zimra, which is included early on in the morning service and acts partially as a warm-up, getting us ready to say the Sh’ma.  Pesukei d’zimra is pertinent to our theme since there is a certain word that gets repeated in it many times.  Ask your child if they remember what that word might be.

Here are some of Nitzanim’s ideas about morning colors:


And evening or night:


Some colors repeat themselves in both baskets for both times of day.  One child said, “I’m not sure where to put yellow, because it’s like the sun but could also be the stars.”



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