Nitzanim Makes Music Pt. 2

This week in Nitzanim, kindergarteners made their own music to explore the story of Ya’akov’s dream. During כבוד (kibud — snack) recently, we’ve had several conversations about how Ya’akov feels at various points — when he is traveling in the desert toward Charan, when he is having the amazing dream of the ladder, when he wakes up from his dream and sets the rock up as a “pillar,” and pours oil on it.

In the video below, kindergarteners are making music to accompany the part of the story when Ya’akov dreams of the ladder going up to heaven. They first talked about what they wanted their music to sound like, and then chose instruments to create that sound. One kindergartener wanted the music to sound like “angels walking up and down the ladder.” They chose instruments that they could shake “up and down,” like the steps.


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