Artists rotzim l’hallel in nature!

We are well underway with our theme of הלל (hallel).  All of our chaverim (friends) at the Jewish Enrichment center have been exploring different ways of getting inside of הלל (hallel).  Last week, Shorashim and Nitzanim painted along to different musical versions of psalm 150.  This week in nיצירה (yetzirah-art/creativity), they were invited to look at some work of artists who might rotzeh l’hallel (want to hallel) when they are surrounded by nature.  They were shown examples of landscape paintings and drawings by a range of artists from Van-Gogh to David Hockney.  Then, we all grabbed our special materials and headed outside to the park across the street.  Everyone found their own personal spot to draw what they saw around them

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This was a very quiet, focused time for all of our chaverim (friends).  While we were in the park, one child said “It’s just so peaceful!  It makes me want to…you know…” and then proceeded to stand up and do our hallel hand-motions (thank, praise, celebrate).  We hope that you will ask your child about their experience outdoors and how this might relate to a particular story they are reading with their mora (teacher).




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