Nov 03

Nitzanim Dreams Like Ya’akov

Yesterday we introduced Nitzanimers to a new story in our הלל (hallel) theme. This story comes from  בראשית (Breishit—Genesis) 28. In this story, Ya’akov runs away from Beer Sheba fearing that his brother wants to kill him for stealing his birthright. At night Ya’akov lies down, takes a rock as a pillow, and dreams of a ladder reaching all the way to heaven with angels ascending and descending. He then wakes up and announces that God must be in this place. In the morning he sets his rock pillow as a pillar and pours oil on it.

To help Nitzanimers imagine the way that Ya’akov may have felt, we led them in a guided mediation. The meditation challenged children to imagine that they were alone, outside, at night just like Ya’akov. They were also encouraged to think about the dreams they might have if they were in a situation similar to Ya’akov’s.

After the meditation, children wrote about and drew the feelings that they had about being alone, outside, at night and the “dreams” that they had. Here are some of their responses:

A first grader concentrates on capturing her feelings after our guided mediation.

A first grader concentrates on capturing her feelings after our guided mediation.

A second grader wrote, “When I was outside dreaming I dreamed that I was in a fighter jet.”

A first grader wrote, “I am laying on the ground. At night. On a rock.”

Another first grader wrote, “Cold, lonely, and scary.”

One first grader's dream.

One first grader’s dream.

Nitzanimers took this activity seriously and we were impressed with their concentration. We look forward to learning together about the connection between Ya’akov’s dream and הלל (hallel).

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