Sing Hallelujah!

15502360968_36eb87807e_zOn Tuesday, I walked in to Yetzirah (art/creativity) to find four Anafimers sitting and singing Psalm 150.

They sang together for a few minutes while they worked on clay sculptures representing Psalm 150. I asked what inspired they’re singing, and one responded “we just kind of felt like singing”, so I asked, “when else do you just kind of feel like singing?”

Here were their answers: 15070627964_f98881030e_z

  • When I’m outside, and I feel free.
  • When I’m calm.
  • When I’m happy.
  • When other people are singing and I know [the song].

As they continued working, I invited the artists to wonder about what this urge to sing, and the different feelings that inspire it, has to do with our evolving definition of הלל (hallel), which many seem to associate with peace or celebration. 

As we develop read other accounts of הלל (hallel) from the תנ”ך (TaNaCh–torah, nev’i’im and ketuvim, The Torah, Prophets and Writings), they will hopefully draw a connection between their desire to sing and the feeling of wanting להלל (lehallel, to do “hallel”) that we are exploring!

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