Watercolors for Slichah (Forgiveness)

This week we installed Nitzanim’s Yetzirah (art/creativity) project from our last theme, Slichah (forgiveness).  During this theme exploration, Nitzanimers participated in several conversations about giving an apology.  We delved into what Slichah meant for each of us as well as to our community as a whole.  We talked about different ways to say you’re sorry, including apology of action.

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Nitzanim had a special Yetzirah project for Slichah.  Each child created a watercolor in three parts. The first part (reading from right to left) shows us how the child feels in the first step of Slichah when s/he might have done something to upset someone. We asked our yeladim (children) to show us how this feels inside their body by using specific colors and movement of their paintbrush. The next part, the middle, shows how the child feels in the moment they give an apology. Finally, the last part (on the left) shows how the child feels after an apology is given.

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While making these paintings, nitzanim had different conversations about how they felt in these different stages of Slichah.  Some children expressed that giving an apology can be scary or embarrassing.  They were able to connect these emotional experiences with the visual markings on the page and said things like  “yellow is like the sun and it makes us happy and blue is like the clouds and they make us sad.”  Another quote from time in Yetzirah: “During an apology I feel good because I’m getting ready for polka dots and rainbows. After an apology I feel like polka dots and rainbows are rising to the sky.”  You can see this installation on the wall next to our Shira T’filah space.  We invite you to look and ask your child to talk with you about them.

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