Nitzanim Dance like Daniel and Darius

As we continue to explore the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Nitzanimers have begun to connect the story to our הַלֵל (hallel) theme through movement and dance! In kindergarten, we have spent time over the past week discussing the way we think Daniel feels when he is released from the lion’s den and what he might want to do. Kindergarteners have offered enlightening answers: “relieved,” “happy and excited,” “EXTREMELY happy,” and “so happy he might faint.”

We brought those feelings down to the social hall yesterday, where Nitzanimers were able to dance in the way they thought Daniel would right when he was released from the lion’s den. We had also imagined that King Darius had felt “very surprised and happy” when he realized that Daniel was still alive, and some children also chose to dance like King Darius.

For our music, we danced to two recordings of Psalm 150 that Nitzanimers were familiar with from their most recent yetzirah project: a classical choral arrangement, a Debbie Friedman version, and a recording from the Jewish community in Uganda.


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