Nitzanim’s Feelings About Daniel

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Daniel chapter 6, telling the story in our own words, and asking questions about what we don’t understand. Today we shifted from talking about feelings that characters might have to talking about actions that characters might take. Here are some snippets of our conversation today:

מורה (morah—teacher): We’ve talked about some words for feelings that King Darius and Daniel might have had when they realized Daniel was still alive, but what might they want to do?

Second grader 1: celebrate

First grader: Sit at a huge table with all of the rest of the people of the castle and eat food.

Second grader 2: Dance

We also had some interesting ideas about the ways הלל (hallel) might feel in our גוּפים (goofim—bodies):

מורה (morah—teacher): If you were Daniel, what would be the first thing you want to do with your גוּף (goof—body) when you realize you are alive?

Second grader 1: Hit the lions with a chair

First grader 1: Float in the air

Second grader 2: Hug my mom in relief

First grader 2: Kill the lions

Some children have chosen to find אותיות (otiot--letters) in the Arameic Daniel text.

Some children have chosen to find אותיות (otiot–letters) in the Aramaic Daniel text.

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