Oct 26

Anafim Anthropologists

Anafim have begun their jobs as “הלל (Hallel) Anthropologists”.

They know our new theme is “הלל (Hallel),” but none quite understand what “הלל (Hallel)” is. We, therefore, have a task over the next couple months: figure out what הלל (Hallel) is, through studying and observing הלל (Hallel) in our community.

Our research questions are:

  • What does הלל (Hallel) mean to different people?15452623328_1d9466d643_z
  • What different ways to people express הלל (Hallel)?
  • Why do people do הלל (Hallel)?

At the end of one full week of exploring, mostly centered around Psalm 150, here are some of Anafim’s answers to our research questions:

  • הלל (Hallel) is “niceness. Peace…It says peaceful things in the parts besides the Hebrew parts.”
  • People do הלל (Hallel) “to pray, because they want to celebrate their religion”–this was one group to combine three different answers into one idea: Hallel is to celebrate, it is prayer, it is joyful.
  • People express הלל (Hallel) because “if you don’t feel like talking, you can use Hallel to express your feelings.”

If these are their ideas after just one week, I can’t wait to hear how they grow over the course of our theme.

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