Finishing Slicha


Writing scripts!

Anafim closed out our first theme, Slicha (forgiveness), with a bang.

On Tuesday, our last two groups  finally performed the skits they had been working on so diligently for three weeks. Each group was presented with a different scenario–a moment really–that might require saying סליחה (slicha, sorry). Our third graders responded to “A group of children are playing together. You ask to play and they say no.” Our fourth graders responded to, “you don’t know the answer to a question and someone else says, ‘ugh, that’s so easy!'”


Writing scripts!

What surprised me most about the storylines of Tuesday’s skits was that both involved a long waiting period before the sorry-sayers were ready to say  סליחה (slicha, sorry). Our fourth graders had their character wait, and apparently stew and mope, for a whole 3 days before harm was mended with a four-part apology. Our third graders waited one day in their play.

This phenomenon made me wonder whether this reflects their experience with saying sorry or whether both groups happened to make that choice for added dramatic effect.

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