Celebrating Simchat Torah

This week was very special for us in Shorashim! After an exciting week of building and decorating our sukkah, the chagim continued as we celebrated Simchat Torah together over the past few days. We got to go into the chapel together, open the ark, and take the Torah out to look at. We spent time observing the Torah, getting to feel the outside, smelling it, and then undressing it and getting to observe and feel the inside of it! For many children in Shorashim, this was their first time getting to see the Torah so close up and for others their first time getting to touch it. We had all sorts of ideas about what we observed about the Torah. Many of us said it felt “cozy, soft, squishy, and warm.” We also saw “diamonds, crowns, strips, hebrew letters, different tzevaim, wood, dots, gems, bumps, and paper.” Shorashim thought the Torah smelled like “it’s cozy,”like hebrew letters,” “like paper,” “a Torah,” and “everything!” Some of us drew pictures of what we saw after looking at the Torah. This was definitely a special experience for us and Shorashim was very excited to get to share their ideas about the Torah with each other.



In addition to observing the Torah together, some of us got to meet our special ידידים (yedidim -buddies) on Tuesday that we will get to work with throughout this year. Our ידידים (yedidim — buddies) are across different kevutzot and will allow us to get to work with children in age groups we don’t normally spend time with. To continue our Simchat Torah exploration, we made different parts of a Torah together and wrote stories that we will hang in our Sifria to see.

Shorashim also continued discussing Apology of Action over the past few days and has come up with some great ideas of how we can continue using it over the year together. As one shorashimer remembered “When my friend asks for an apology of action, I can think of something besides saying sorry that will make them feel better like a hug!” This is a strategy that we will practice and use for saying sorry often.

Even with all of our Simchat Torah celebrations, we made sure to make time to continue playing in our Sukkah. Today, we decided we wanted to throw a big celebration in our Sukkah. Shorashim played music to welcome guests in and had a picnic of food that people could eat when they came in. Check back in next week to see Shorashim begin exploring a new theme together!

Celebrating in our Sukkah!

Celebrating in our Sukkah!

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