Sukkot in Shalom Chaverim

This morning in Shalom Chaverim was all about Sukkot! We are building an understanding of what a sukkah is, and all the special things we can do inside one.

We made our own sukkot using Legos and natural objects.



There was lots of conversation about what we might use for our roof and how we could look up and see the stars. Some chaverim opted to use huge piles of branches, while others delicately laid on just a few.


There was lots of excitement about our turn to explore the real sukkah. We worked together to create a special fall kibud to bring out.




To celebrate Sukkot and the beautiful fall weather, we made delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ! Then we all created a joyful parade together.


We carried flags we created ourselves, and banged instruments as loud as we could, all the way to enjoy kibud in the sukkah together.

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