Creating our Sukkah in Shorashim

This week was pretty special for us in Shorashim! Because the chag of Sukkot is starting tonight at sundown, we got to build our own Sukkah in Beit Shorashim that will stay up through the end of the holiday next week. Monday, the structure of our sukkah was delivered to our room and we got to use a real hammer and nails to put it together ourselves! Once we finished making it, we had to figure out how we wanted to decorate it. We went into yetzirah and decided we wanted to use different pieces of fabric and blankets to cover the walls, roof, and door. Once we hammered these in, we also decided that to match the sukkah’s that we have seen and read about in stories, we wanted to put natural materials on our roof. In yetzirah, we even made a sign out of natural materials that we wanted to use to welcome people into our sukkah.

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In addition to playing in our Sukkah all week, we looked deeper into our theme of Slicha and talked about how when saying sorry to our chaverim, we can use an apology of action. This is a four step process that shorashimers can use that involves a practice of doing an action to apologize. As one shorashimer said, “when I do something and need to say sorry, I can ask to help give something.” If a child accidentally knocks into another child, instead of just saying sorry, they can come up with a solution that both children agree on such as giving a hug or helping them back up. Apology of action is a strategy we will be working on using all year in Beit Shorashim!

This week, we also made our own mini sukkah’s in the block area. We thought about what would go inside of them and how the walls and sides might look. Building and seeing a sukkah was something new for many of us this week. In addition to all of our sukkah exploration, today we also got to bake a special cake that we will get to share with all of our chaverim and families at our Sukkot celebration on Sunday morning. We can’t wait to see everyone there!



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