Using Kind Words in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim, we learned that in addition to the shofar reminding us to try new things, it also reminds us to use kind words. We had all sorts of ideas about what this meant. We shared with each other what kind words and actions we could use with our chaverim in Shorashim. One shorashimer even asked “what can we do when we forget to use kind words?” and we had all sorts of ideas of how we could help with this like “blow the shofar,” “remind your chaverim,” “try again,” and more. We made a mailbox this week that will permanently live in Beit Shorashim that reminds us to use kind words. We can add kind pictures and letters for our chaverim at any time. We also read stories that involved using kind words and came up with some kind words that we thought the characters should use when talking to each other.

doar box

Two shorashim children decorate our mailbox with kind words and make kind pictures to put inside.

Using kind words lead shorashim to thinking a step further into how important it is to say sorry to our chaverim when we may not use the words we mean to or when we make a mistake. We played a new משחק (mischak-game) where we passed the shofar to each other and came up with kind words that we could say to the next person in the relay.


This week in yetzirah, we also finished up the second and third parts of our three part shofar project with Morah Miriam. We added our handprints with paint to a piece of fabric so that we feel like we are a part of the shorashim community. We also wrote kind words we have used and new things we have tried in Shorashim around the border of the shofar. This project will go up in our space for the rest of the year!




In addition to exploring kind words this week, we played with all sorts of ivrit matching materials, puzzles, and aleph bet building blocks. So many of our chaverim are starting to sing through the aleph bet on their own and writing their shem for the first time! Next week we will continue thinking about how important saying sorry is to our chaverim and ways we can do so with an apology of action.

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