Expressing Slichah through Color and Texture

In יצירתיות (yetzirah — creativity) this week, Nitzanim has continued with our סליחה (slichah — forgiveness) theme project. On יום שלישי (yom shlishi — Tuesday), kindergarters began the project, creating their own visual expressions of Slichah. They traced the letters of “סליחה” (slichah — forgiveness) onto a paper divided into three sections.

marion slichahlila slichatalya slicha

In the first section of the paper, Nitzanimers were encouraged to paint with watercolors how they feel before . Morah Miriam as well as Morah Sara and I prompted them, “How do you feel in your גוף (guf — body) when you’ve done something you need to apologize for?” and “What צבעים (tzvaim — colors) remind you of that feeling?” In the second section, Nitzanimers painted how they felt while they were saying sorry, and the third section was for how they felt afterwards.

One kindergartener painted the first section dark black and blue, explaining that he felt “sad and bad.” Another kindergartener painted the middle section “gold” because she said “I feel good” because “I’m being nice” while she’s saying sorry.

painting slichah

One of the purposes of this project was to create the opportunity for the kids to use other means and media to express סליחה (slichah — forgiveness), in addition to the skits we’ve worked on, and in addition to the conversations we’ve had. This creates a better chance for each Nitzanimer to find a means of expression and understanding for the content.

This project also corresponded to our current Ivrit focus on learning the שמות (shemot — names) of all the צבעים (tzvaim — colors).

Check back in soon to see the final products of our סליחה (slichah — forgiveness) paintings in Nitzanim!


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