Anafim Dives in to Slicha

As Anafim took off on our exploration of סליחה (slicha; forgiveness), we started with a few lines from the Torah: “You shall not take revenge nor bear a grudge against the members of your people”. Not fully understanding what the Torah meant, we looked to the Early Rabbis to see if they could help us understand.

The Rabbis offered definitions of what “revenge” and “grudge”.

In Anafim’s words:

Revenge: “If someone does something mean to you and you do something mean back.”


One person says, “Hey, can I borrow your pencil?”

And you say, “No.”

Then, a little while later you say, “Hey, can I borrow your highlighter?”

And they say, “Yes. 🙁 ” [at least that how I captured the face that accompanied the “yes”.)


But one Anafimer, the same one who offered the definition of “grudge” had her own idea about what “grudge” means. Watch her skit below:

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