Sharing Our Work in Beit Nitzanim

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, we spend time in זמן חקירה (zeman hakirah—exploration time) during which children can explore materials and ideas independently, in small groups, or with a מורה (morah—teacher). We hope that זמן חקירה (zeman hakirah—exploration time) allows children to explore theme work and עברית (ivrit—Hebrew) at their own comfortable pace and in a way that is interesting to each individual child. Despite so many different explorations taking place, Nitzanimers are engaging in a practice that allows them to update each other on their work for the day. At the end of each day in Beit Nitzanim, we set aside עשר דקות (eser dakot—ten minutes) for sharing time with our entire קבוצה (kevutzah—group). Today, one Nitzanimer showed her חברים(chaverim—friends) the work that she did in her “All About Me” binder.

Three Nitzanimers then put on a skit based on our beginning theme work. We are so excited about the way that Nitzanimers are actively wanting to share their work with the community and showing כבוד (kavod—respect) to the חברים (chaverim—friends) who take the opportunity to share.

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