Creating Ritual in Beit Anafim

Our new year is off to a great start! While Anafim’s routine is still settling, two moments frame the every day that we’re together.


First, Anafim gets off the van from school and heads straight into the chapel for a little זמן שקט [zeman sheket; quiet time]. This week, we tried a little guided meditation. I invited each person to find their own space to sit or lie, focus on their breathe and call to their mind moments of where they felt calm, safe, proud or brave.

After we take moment every day to check in with ourselves, separate from our friends, and calm our bodies and minds has allowed us to welcome a much more relaxed, focused group of children into Beit Anafim.

15184028362_5c61307013_zAs a mirror to זמן שקט [zeman sheket; quiet time] we close the day with זמן יומן [zeman yoman; journal time]. Just like at the beginning of the day, children find their own space and our room slowly fall silent. Each child has their own יומן [yoman; journal] to write in every day that they come to the Enrichment Center. They are welcome to write whatever they want. Some have written stories, some written about their day, and others drawn pictures. For children who don’t know what to write, I’ve provided some questions to help them begin.

Through the יומן [yoman; journal] , hopefully, each person in Beit Anafim gets 10 quiet minutes to let the day sink in and reflect on it.


The יומן [yoman; journal]  also helps me get to know each person individually.

It has been such a pleasure to begin getting to know Anafim, I am so excited to continue building with Anafim this year.

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