Working as a Community

Today was a pretty special day at the Jewish Enrichment Center because we spent the day together in our combined קבוצות (kevutzot-groups) with Anafim and Nitzanim.

First Nitzanim played some משחקים (mischakim-games) while we waited for all of our חברים (chaverim-friends) in Anafim to arrive. We got to jump through חישוקים (chishukim-hoops) while saying the different צבעים (tzevaim–colors) we have been learning!


When Anafim arrived, we learned about the special יצירה (yetzirah-creativity) project we would be making all together. We wanted to make something that could go up in our Jewish Enrichment Center community that all of our different קבוצות (kevutzot-groups) will see. We wanted it to remind us of the four different seasons and the different holidays and symbols we encounter during each of them. As a group we chose which part we were interested in working on and how we would divide up to get this project completed.



This was a big task to take on in one day but our קבוצות (kevutzot-groups) didn’t let that stop them from jumping right into it. We weren’t able to complete it all in one day but we got off to a great start and I can’t wait to see what else we come up with when we return to the project next week!

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