What We’re Building Together

In our second week of Jewish Enrichment Camp, one theme we’re focusing on is how to recognize feelings within ourselves, and “self-regulate,” or learn certain choices to respond to that feeling. We want to learn to recognize how our bodies feel when we feel angry, excited, or frustrated, so we can learn what to do next.

Today we began with the story, “בועז and בתיה Build a בית Together,” (Boaz and Batya build a Bayit (house) Together). We focused on the daily goal of working together with each other, taking turns and sharing materials. With our older nitzanim, practiced writing and illustrating our own stories with a partner. With the shorashimers, partners made cray-pa drawings together.

partner stuff


Outside, Anafimers played partner tag and other mischakim.


Later, we built a graham cracker בית (bayit),


as well as a big בית out of PVC pipes


I learned today how many of our children love and excel in building, and in learning to share and cooperate to accomplish a project. I’m looking forward to see how our other daily self-regulation themes guide us through this wonderful week of camp.


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