Learning alongside our Chaverim (Friends)

Today at Jewish Enrichment Camp, in Shorashim and Nitzanim we spent a lot of time exploring the next חיה (chaya-animal) this week who can help us be a part of our  קהילה (kehilah-community). Our קבוצת (kevutzot-groups) learned how Aharon the Octopus can help us with self regulation and began our morning together by reading a story about Aharon and his חברים (chaverim—friends).

Aharon showed us how we can keep our hands and feet to ourselves so that all of our חברים (chaverim—friends) feel safe together. We learned and practiced how we can lock up our bodies. We worked on all different projects together that can be hung in our room and serve as a reminder throughout this week of how Aharon keeps his hands and feet to himself.



We also played with all of our different חברים (chaverim—friends) on the magnet board from our stories who will continue to appear throughout this week,



and built Aharon out of playdough!



In addition to learning about Aharon, some of our friends worked really hard on learning the Aleph Bet and writing their special שם (shem-name) out of different materials!

play doh (1)

We worked on so many different projects today and learned a lot with our new חברים (chaverim—friends). I can’t wait to see what חיה (chaya-animal) we work with tomorrow and how we come up with different ideas all together!

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