Continuing to Explore our Special Shemot (Names)

Today at camp, we continued the exploration of our שמות (Shemot-names)  and looking closely at the different אותיות (Otiot-letters) in the Aleph Bet.

We started our morning putting together Aleph Bet puzzles and Morah Chana lead us in a Yetzirah project where we made the special אותיות (Otiot-letters) in our שמ (Shem-name) out of glue and food coloring.


A few Nitzanimers work on making their special otiot out of glue.


Shorashimers but together an Aleph Bet puzzle.

Shorashimers put together an Aleph Bet puzzle.

We also used different colored Aleph Bet stamps to write out our שמות (Shemot-names) on paper!



This afternoon we continue our Aleph Bet discovery by creating our שמות (Shemot-names) out of the playdough that we baked yesterday.

One of our Nitzanimers writes his Shem out of playdough!

One of our Nitzanimers writes his Shem out of playdough!


Additionally we used the magnet board in Beit Shorashim to play with the Aleph Bet letters and worked together across קבוצות (kevutzot—groups) to create different אותיות (Otiot-letters) out of many sizes of lincoln logs.




It was pretty special to see the different ways all of our חברים (chaverimfriends) were exploring the Aleph Bet and Ivrit today. We can’t wait to see what activities our special שמות (Shemot-names) bring tomorrow!

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